Fashion & Fine Dining at the Polo Bar

Dear Cupcakes,

The Polo Bar is a handsome American restaurant by designer Ralph Lauren, serving classic dishes, bar bites & drinks. The restaurant is filled with fashion gurus, celebrities, and assorted high-society business men. To merely step foot inside the Polo Bar, a reservation is required; and if you call for a table, there’s at least a one-month wait. So if you thought you could just go and sit at the bar, think again!  Standing at the door is a host wearing a gorgeous wool coat with an iPad in her hand. Once she ensures you have a reservation you may enter. Once you are inside, there is a classic bar and a lounge area. We were advised by the smiling hostesses, fitted in Ralph Lauren attire, to head downstairs to be seated for dinner. Once we arrived downstairs, we were asked if we wanted to check our coats. Real polo mallets hang by the coat-check area, along with a tangle of saddles and helmets. Even the ticket they give you to check your coat is anything less than ordinary.

The decor in the restaurant is phenomenal! The tables are decorated with little lamps that are actually candles, fire place, The Polo Bar signature plates, white linens, plush leather chairs with plaid toss pillows. The walls are decorated with hundreds of horse-centric photos and the like. 

Once seated, a waiter dressed in trousers, a button up and oxfords asked if we wanted to order a drink. I looked around and noticed that all of the waiters were dressed exactly the same, down to the brown leather oxfords. I ordered the Man’O'War and my date ordered Makers Mark, neat. The waiter came back with our drinks. The drinks were in glasses that had people playing rugby on them with cocktail pics shaped like polo mallets inside. Shortly after, another waiter came by and placed warm bread on each of our plates. The bread and butter will melt in your mouth.  I appreciate restaurants that have good bread, but this was delicious on another level. 

Then, it was time to order. The waiter took our order without writing anything down which I thought was awesome. For starters, we ordered the crab cake which was delicious. For dinner, I ordered the salmon with mixed vegetables. The salmon was kind of bland. However, my date ordered the filet paired with mash potatoes and onion rings. The steak is cooked to perfection. The meat was so tender and absolutely delicious. The onion rings were big, flavorful and crispy! 

For desert we ordered Ralph’s coffee ice cream with dark chocolate shortbread cookies and two cappuccino’s. The desert was bought on a plate that had my dates name written on it in chocolate. The desert was absolutely delicious. 

After dinner, I went to the ladies room. The dark green tile and brass decor was absolutely gorgeous. 

Overall, I must say, dinner at The Polo Bar was quite an experience. The ambience is magnificent, the food is cooked to perfection with the perfect touches and the service is outstanding. I would definitely recommend dinner here, that is, if you can get a reservation. 

Pastelito’s outfit details: Varsity Jacket: Ralph Lauren (sold out) | Sweater: Ralph Lauren (available here) | Pants: Zara (similar style here) | Shoes: Christian Louboutin (available here

Temil’s outfit details:  Coat: Maison Martin Margiela X H&M (available in limited quantities through Ebay) | Sweater: Zara (sold out) | Pants: Ralph Lauren (alternate style here and here) | Shoes: Aldo (similar here)

If you decide to check it out, comment below with your feedback.

Sincerely, Pastelito

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